Chronic Illness

  We have heard Stevan’s story from diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis to lung transplant. This week we talk about life after a lung transplant.  Join us to learn more about Stevan’s experience with a complex medication regimen, immunosuppression, and increased risk for skin cancer. Please join in and listen to this interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Stevan:  Click here to listen… We hope you enjoy this interview.  If you have a story you […]

We hear about CBD everywhere today. It is in oils, creams, gummies, even in smoothies and your morning coffee. So, what exactly is CBD and why is it so popular? Our guest this week is Officer Bill Hume, a Drug Recognition Expert.  Bill has been a police officer in Southern California for 13 years. He has worked on various assignments in his which include DUI enforcement, Motor Officer, Traffic Detective, and Field Training Officer. Officer […]

  Dr. Marianne Matzo’s interview is with Steven Lemke on Chronis Illness and Fatigue. The bustle of the holidays can leave us exhausted.  So can life.  Fatigue is especially present after surgery and when you have a chronic illness. This week we talk to Steven Lemke who has been living with Chronic Illness for the last eight years. Steven shares with us how he has learned to live with fatigue. Join in and listen to […]

Huntington’s disease is a rare, inherited disease that causes the progressive breakdown (degeneration) of nerve cells in the brain; it has no cure. It has a broad impact on a person’s ability to function and usually results in movement, thinking (cognitive), and psychiatric disorders. Michael’s wife, Janet, was diagnosed with this disease 12 years ago at age 58 and he has been her care partner ever since.  Janet is now receiving hospice support and Michael […]

  On this episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe, Matt Dell, founder of Smith Sons Farm talks Cannabis, Hemp, CBD oil, their benefits, their types, and their production with host, Toni Quest Join in and listen to this very informative interview with Toni Quest and Matt Dell:   Click here to listen… For more information about Matt Dell and the Smith Sons Farm: To contact Toni Quest: Please share this information on CBD Oil.  […]

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