Holly’s Support Team in a Cancer Survivor’s Journey


Holly Brown, host of Skin is in, engages in an insightful interview with Kathy Armany, RN, BC-HN, and a cancer survivor, shedding light on the treatment and support she received from Holly and her dedicated team.

Discover how Kathy employs holistic approaches to address her skin-related issues, guided by the expertise and support provided by Holly Brown and her team. Kathy’s journey underscores the significance of holistic methods in managing the complexities of cancer treatment, and her experience is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Holly and her team.

While details about Kathy’s transformative journey are compelling, the focus remains on providing audiences with the opportunity to hear the interview, gaining firsthand knowledge of the powerful strategies employed by Kathy in her quest for wellness. The narrative emphasizes the importance of personal experience, encouraging individuals to witness Kathy’s journey as a source of inspiration and guidance.

For those currently navigating their journeys, the invitation is extended to share in the wisdom and support offered by Holly Brown. For more information, please get in touch with Holly Brown.

Listen to our Audio Interview for a comprehensive conversation delving into the journey of a cancer survivor:

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