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“Join us for Lisa’s story about being diagnosed with a glioblastoma (brain tumor) and what follows for her life.  What are the choices for this aggressive disease and how do you move forward after hearing this news? Lisa shares about how her life changed and how this disease changed her life. Learn more about the symptoms and treatments are for glioblastoma.” To listen to this interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Lisa – Click here […]

    Deciding to have hospice support is often a very difficult decision for people. Many feel as though they are ‘giving up’ or that they should continue to take treatments. How do you make this decision? This week on Everyone Dies we chatted Chris Sperry who talks with us about his decision to elect hospice support after 10 years of treatment for Stage IV colon cancer that metastasis to his liver and lungs. Deciding […]

Holly Brown interviews Makeva Deas and how and why she found Looking and Feeling Fab.  Makeva found Holly Brown at the YMCA and the Live Strong program.  Makeva was diagnosed with the BRCA gene and the decisions Makeva had to make on treatment and surgery. There is not much talk about the BRCA Gene and the preventive measures for help on decisions.  Makeva speaks how it was a turning point meeting Holly Brown and her […]

Holly Brown interviews Mary Hughes on her journey for assistance with skin issues due to Radiology and Chemo Treatment. Mary talks about her journey with the diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer. Mary talks about how she felt with the diagnosis and how could this happened to her. All the issues with the many side effects she had.  Her self-esteem was so very low. Fast forward to her meeting with Holly Brown at the Live […]

  SKIN ISSUES FROM CANCER TREATMENT CAN BE LIFE ALTERING AND DEBILITATING. Holly Brown has teamed up with Jeanne White and Passionate World Talk Radio and created a Support Series for the after-effects for many types of cancer treatment and how Holly and her team will help you. Holly Brown interviews Jennifer Cullen a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Jennifer discusses skin issues she was having from Radiology treatment.  Also, Jennifer talks about Lymphedema problems and asking […]

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