How did human trafficking start in America


This show starts a new series honoring International Women’s Month!

This new series will be on different topics concerning women. Today’s show is “Human Trafficking “.
Lillian Cauldwell discussed the timelines of how human trafficking started in this country and up to the present time and also discussed what human trafficking is!
Betsy Wurzel discussed an interview she did last year with Dr. Deena Graves the Founder, President, and Director of M3Transformations, and a former sex trafficker, Derek Williams. Betsy highly recommends their book, Mind Games which is about  Derek’s experiences and how to protect yourself against predators. M3 Transformations has courses on how to protect children and adults from predators and helps victims to heal from their experiences.
 Also, Betsy discussed the dangers of the dark internet and how predators choose their victims.
Lisa Skinner discussed how young children are being sold, how much money human traffickers make, the lack of resources to help human trafficking victims, and how prevalent human trafficking is all over the world!
The top 3 states are New York, California, and Florida! Lisa discussed her experience with being involved with a resource that is helping victims. There are more human slaves now than ever before!
We are Providing the Audio Interview for this subject of Human Trafficking:

If you know any human trafficking victims or you are a victim there are resources to help you! That information will be located in the Contact Information or contact the hosts for more information and help.
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