In this first Show, Jackie introduces Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls; a Psychic Show on Passionate World
Talk Radio, Jackie, and the website. Jackie provides the titles of her 3 Paperback and Ebooks on Amazon: Moses and
Jesus the Shamans (Mediums/Channels) and my Proof Animals Have Souls Series: Proof Animals
Have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

Jackie explains her Show will encompass my vegetarian and lifelong passion for animals and mediumship, proving survival for all beings. I introduced topics for future shows, including a whole range of topics relating to animals, incorporating animals’ close bond and devoted loyalty in their relationships with the human animal, and the fact that animals and birds dream, with Rapid Eye movement sleep. Other future topics embrace animals’ super sensitive faculties and heightened senses such as smell and hearing, animals as healers, animals with telepathic and psychic abilities, service animals, hero animals, compassion for animals, animal emotions, personalities, intelligence, a whole range of psychic, and mediumistic topics, many associated with animals.

Jackie advanced the concept of After death Survival, reincarnation, and the transmigration of the soul, from animal to human animal and vice versa for spiritual evolution. I refer to my dogs’ auric photographs and auric videos showing the swirling dynamic color changes as animal and human souls think and experience emotions. Jackie concluded with her belief all creatures have souls, whether 2 or 4-legged, winged, or tailed, that all have the vital energy that is immortal, all dream like us, and all feel pain and all fear suffering. Jackie explained she uses Tarot and Angel Card, and Angel Dice for predictions and intuitive guidance. I invited listeners to email me, or voice record their paranormal accounts and
views for future discussions.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Jackie on what her shows will be about:

Contact Information
Jack Jones Hunt
Website: www.jackiejoneshunt.com 
Email: jackiejoneshunt@gmail.com
Host Page on PWTRN: Jackie Jones Hunt

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