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Today’s interview is with Martha Bolton who was Bob Hope’s first woman staff writer who helped write his television shows, personal appearances, and military shows for 15 years!
Martha Bolton wrote and compiled Dear Bob, Bob Hope’s Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.’s of World  War 2 with Linda Hope. Linda Hope is the eldest daughter of Bob and Delores Hope.
Martha Bolton discusses how this book was compiled from the letters Bob Hope received from the  G.I.’s,  how Bob Hope would entertain the troops and would call the G.I.’s families when he returned home!
Bob Hope set a precedent for other entertainers!  Bob Hope received  38,000 letters in a week!  This is a powerful informative interview to hear all that Bob Hope did for the troops!  Click here to listen… 
Betsy highly recommends reading this heart-touching book!  Betsy dedicates this podcast in memory of  Bob Hope and the men and women who served in WW2  and all the wars.
Betsy thanks Bob Hope’s family for their support and sacrifice for entertaining and supporting our troops!
To purchase the book: “Dear Bob: Bob Hope’s Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.s of World War II”  Please purchase here
This book “Dear Bob”  has outstanding reviews on Amazon – Read it here
This book is also available at your local book stores and www.UPRESS.STATE.MS.US
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