Many reasons behind the increase of transgender


Today’s show, Lisa Skinner discussed the many reasons behind the increase of transgender especially pertaining to females transitioning to males. Females are questioning their gender identity more now than ever before!

Lillian Cauldwell discussed a story of a female who transitioned to a male and then regretted her decision and also discussed a shopping guide for various items for transgender young people. More on the shopping guide in the interview.

Betsy Wurzel discussed her opinions on Target’s transgender/LBGTQ+ section, why people should wait until their at least 18 to have treatments and surgery, parents having open communication with their children, mental health, and recommended a book about a child who is transgender. Betsy interviewed the Author two years ago who is a parent of a young transgender child.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy about the increase of Transgender:

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Contact and Resource Information:

Lisa Skinner
Females are questioning their gender identity:  Resource
Lillian Cauldwell

What Coming Out As Transgender:  Resource

A Shopping Guide for Trans Kids:  Resource


Betsy Wurzel
Sam is My Sister by Ashley  Rhodes  – Courter
Sam Is My Sister
Link to  Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s interview.
Ashley is a parent to a transgender child and there are
resources in the blog to help families.
Lillian Cauldwell:
Lisa Skinner:
Webpage: Lisa Skinner
Betsy Wurzel:
Webpage: Betsy Wurzel
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