Narcissistic People can affect daily life for many



Today’s guest is Dr. Sterlin Mosley, Author and Writer of “The NARCISSIST in YOU and EVERYONE ELSE”, Recognizing the 27 Types of Narcissism.

Dr. Sterlin Mosley is a Professor of  Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma and a Certified  Enneagram Coach and Teacher and a scholar in the fields of empathy, narcissism, and personality psychology.
Dr. Mosley discusses why he wrote the book, what an Enneagram is, and how he conducted the research for this book. Betsy and Dr. Mosley discussed how social media encourages young people to be narcissistic and the way we raise children has an effect on whether they are narcissistic. Betsy asked Dr. Mosley to explain what is the “Mafia Don”  “Entitled  Caregiver”, and Narcissism People and they discussed how Narcissistic People can affect the workplace environment.  You will have the opportunity to listen to this engaging interview here:
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