Today’s show is dedicated to the Native Americans who died serving our country, and died trying to protect their land, and their families from the US Government’s prejudices, unjust rules, and regulations!

Lisa Skinner went into deep detail about the Native Americans’ present situation in the 21st  century!
Lisa discussed  Generational and Historical  Trauma, the conditions on reservations, diseases, lack of employment and education, how the Federal Government still owns the Native  American lands, all different abuses, sex trafficking, and so much more affecting the Native Americans.


Lillian Cauldwell gave commentary about learning from the past, what will happen if countries go to outer space to live if we can’t get along on Earth, and to carefully observe political candidates for President. Lillian Cauldwell also discussed how not much has changed.

Betsy Wurzel also gave commentary on how much she has learned from the information given, How mind-boggling it is that Native  Americans still do not own their land, and why do some people think they are better than others?

Why is there no media coverage when a person of color goes missing or a Native  American?

Betsy highly recommends listening to the song, “Indian Reservation “which was performed by Paul Revere and the Raiders in 1971 about the plight of the Cherokee Native Americans.

We are providing the Audio Interview for the discussion on the plight of the Native Americans.

If you prefer to watch the Video on this topic of the Plight of the Native Americans:

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