Everyone has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. That’s what makes human beings unique. We posses a two-sided personality.

It’s how we use this personality that determines how we behave within our culture, society, and among our peers. In the book, Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion to release himself from inner inhibitions and restrictions on what he allows his direction be directed by his corrupt personality.

Spiritual personality is determined by how we behave externally. If we grant permission to ourselves to perform a certain act, to choose a certain path, to become what we’ve always desired to become, then we will act it out.

For example, ever watch children playing in a sandbox? Each one is focused on their own kind of playing. Some dig in the sand and put the sand into a bucket. Another plays with cars and trucks. Girls wash the sand out of their dolls clothing. Each one is absorbed in their own personal play activity. However, sometimes the tranquility of the sand playing is interrupted by one or more of the children acting out on impulse.

They believe their parents and other adults aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing. They resort back to what I call animalistic behavior. They act out what their inner demons demand that they do.

These kids will hit, strike out, push, steal, whatever thought comes into their minds at that particular time, and act out their fantasy. Their hidden desires. Until an adult or parent stops this behavior, they’re free to do as their personality dictates to them.

Good versus evil.

Adults are slow to admit that we are all children inside of us. We hide this behavior deep within us embarrassed that if the world found out, we’d be exposed to the truth.

Truth is a dangerous commodity to possess. It exposes us to the reality around us. It shows other individuals our struggle to keep within the normal bounds of good versus the evil that men and women do.

To keep yourself spiritually balance is a daily act that everyone endures, children and adults. It’s this choice, this universal self-permission to either remain on the straight and narrow or deviate to another plan where we can justify our evil actions.

The next time impulse strikes, be ready for it.

Remember, that your spiritual side will constantly be at war with good versus evil.

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