Pain in dementia isn’t always obvious


On today’s episode of The Truth, Lies, & Alzheimer’s Show, host Lisa Skinner sheds light on how to tell if a person suffering from dementia might be in pain. She explains why pain in dementia isn’t always obvious or easy to diagnose, especially when that person can no longer let you know that they are experiencing pain. Often, they no longer possess the ability to recognize what’s going on in their body, let alone communicate their needs to someone. Lisa also explains several reasons why it’s so challenging to detect pain in seniors with dementia, along with several common causes of pain in dementia, and finally, what some of the signs are that might be an indicator that your loved one is in pain.

⭐In Lisa’s What’s News segment, shares the details of the recent announcement that the US will be launching a trial payment program for care providers of dementia patients in 2024. ⭐

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lisa Skinner on Dementia and Pain:

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