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This is Episode 3 of Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD., Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show produced through Passionate World Talk Radio, a subsidiary of Global Media network, gave a little more information about her paperback books and Ebooks, namely Moses and Jesus the Shamans, and her Proof Animals Have Souls Series: Proof Animals Have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

Jackie posed the question where you draw the human-orientated biased cut offline between one animal and
another animal, to try to make the case that only some animals have souls and other animals do not. What barren after-death landscapes we would have if no one but the human animal survived death? Many mediums worldwide receive telepathic contact with birds and animals that have passed to the spirit realms. She reminded us that all humans are biologically classified as mammals, primates, and animals with tails and gills in their mother’s wombs and all birds and
animals experience rapid eye movement sleep, meaning all birds and animals dream in sleep just like us!

Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt went on to pay tribute to Paul O’Grady, the famous British comedy drag queen, actor, author, and TV host who passed away recently. Paul was celebrated by millions of viewers for his TV Series at Battersea Dog and Cat Home London and his years of work helping to rescue and rehome animals around the world. His life and home were surrounded by animals he had rescued and encouraged others to rescue. Raising awareness of the plight of animals took him to Africa and India. Jackie read out a very moving poem to her listeners, sent to her. She thanked the sender and the anonymous poet, who said they were Paul O’Grady fans. In Jackie’s opinion, she said she believed the poem to have come directly from the ‘so-called dead’ Paul O’Grady himself. She felt the poet seemed to be overshadowed by the spirit of Paul O’Grady who in the poem said hello from heaven and explained how he got there and his joy reuniting with his
beloved pets who were often on his TV show with him.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Psychic Jackie Jones Hunt on the subject that all Animals have souls:

Jackie invites listeners to provide her with their psychic and mediumistic accounts including those concerning orbs, spirit people, and spirit animals, for future discussions.

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Jackie Jones-Hunt

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