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Well-known published children’s author Lillian Cauldwell and bestselling author Viki Esther Chang wrote this book, ‘The Gold Nuggets for Podcast.’ Make your podcast voice heard around the world. Podcasting isn’t just speaking into a microphone. It requires the 7 C’s of Communication and Mastering Your People Skills.

To find out more about the 7 C’s Communication – Lillian Cauldwell has created a training package that will provide a comprehensive system to help you in your podcast journey. You will learn Communication skills, Technological Skills, and a practical hands-on journey of learning which are important skills for podcasting.

 The Gold Nuggets book by Lillian Cauldwell and Viki Esther Chang would be a great addition to your 7 C’s Training package. This book can be a great tool to have in producing your podcasts and will show you the steps to creating interesting podcasts for your listening audience.  

We are providing a short intro on this book from Lillian Cauldwell: 

You can contact Lillian to schedule an appointment for further information on this dynamite training package.  You can contact Lillian via Email, or if you are like me Text her for the information.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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