Staffing Issues for Nurses on Strike

Sheila Wilson, Nurse, and Advocate for Safety in the Workplace

I will post one posting for each of the six individuals that spoke to Sheila Wilson Host of Stop Health Care Violence, at the strike site

Bill Lahey is one of the 6 individuals that was interviewed at the Strike Site in Worcester

Bill Lahey R.N. Working in a hospital and seeing the changes that are not supporting the patients makes you wonder what is the administration trying to do? We as nurses want to safely take care of patients. When you are working in an unsafe environment for your patients and yourself, I knew I had to do something! I am on strike for my patients.  I have been a nurse long enough to see that this is not good patient safety! We need staffing to continue to give the best care we can for our Patients.

You could feel the Solidarity among all the individuals that were participating in this strike and also when the drivers passing by would honk their car horns.  It truly was so amazing to see the support for these Nurses.

Please share this video for Bill Lahey, R,N, one of the individuals that spoke with Sheila Wilson concerning the Nurses on Strike in Worcester.

If you could help the Nurses while they are on strike would be great. Help with the family needs the Nurses are dealing with waiting for Unemployment to start. Diapers are in great demand and many parents know just how expensive diapers are. You can help the Nurse and her/him Family with gift cards thru Amazon. Check out the items on Amazon. To purchase a Gift Card for the Nurses via Amazon:    Purchase Here for the Gift Card

Sheila Wilson & Mike Connell

I want to thank Mike Connell owner of KC Visuals being part of this interview series with Sheila Wilson, President of Stop Health Care Violence, and me, Jeanne White, Station Manager of Passionate World Talk Radio. Mike was the Producer and Director for this video interview project.  

Sheila Wilson, Mike Connell, and Jeanne White were honored to be part of this interview series for the Striking Nurses at St Vincent Hospital in Worcester.

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