Rachel and Sophie’s Unbreakable Connection


Jackie introduces her guest, Rachel Neat, an evidential medium and healer from the Oldham Spiritualist Church near Manchester. Rachel recently lost her beloved Chihuahua, Sophie, who was a cherished family member. Sophie, known for her loving personality, used to sleep beside Rachel every night.

On the morning of Sophie’s passing, Rachel received a spiritual message and later took her to the vet, suspecting a weak heart. Signs from angels appeared during this time. In the vet’s waiting room, Rachel saw divine manifestations, and Sophie passed away in the arms of a young nurse, whom Rachel recognized as an earth angel.

Despite the loss, Rachel finds comfort in the signs from Sophie’s spirit and believes in adopting another animal. She emphasizes the capacity of our hearts to love multiple animals and encourages providing a loving home for those in need. Rachel sees the act of adopting as a tribute to the departed animal’s memory, knowing they would be happy to see their human sharing love with another furry companion.

We are including the audio interview with Jackie and Rachel discussing Rachel’s cherished family member, Sophie:

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