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The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day

The mission for The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day Podcast is to share expert information on safety and preparedness in your everyday life. We collaborate with professionals in all fields to provide their knowledge, training, and experiences. This information will give you advantages to the dangers and threats that you will come across in your daily life. With knowledge, you have the Power. The only thing stronger than fear is hope!

Host Shannon Zeeman

Brief Bio of the Host and Author:
Shannon is a Warrior and wants to provide you with important knowledge to help you survive all
of the trials of life. She is a Baylor University graduate with a background in Communications.
She has been married to her husband, Troy, for 19 years and has learned a lot about safety through being the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer. For the last 16 years, Shannon has been a stay at home mom for her 2 boys, Dean and Jake. In September 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, fought though for a year with chemotherapy and 6 surgeries. Shannon is celebrating her
fourth year of remission!

Shannon and Troy attended Route 91 Harvest concert in Las Vegas on Oct 1, 2017. Suddenly and without warning, a gunman opened fire at the concert.  Shannon and Troy survived the Largest Mass Shooting in US history while helping others escape and providing medical aid to them. Through this experience and her husband’s 25 years of police training and experiences, they founded Active Shooter Prep.  Their mission from that day forth will be to provide knowledge, hope, and empowerment.

Troy and Shannon Zeeman are true warriors, no matter what they might say to the contrary. These humble heroes created a company, Active Shooter Prep, out of the  tragedy that struck Las Vegas during a mass shooting in 2017.

Their intriguing book, Active Shooter How To Survive the Most Important 4 Minutes Of Your Life, details their story, explains the purpose behind their company and provides readers ways in which they can defend themselves against being potential victims.  Having gone through such a horrific encounter and brush with death, the Zeeman’s decided to turn that tragic day into a way to help and support both themselves and others.  Listen and learn how police training saved their lives, as well as the lives of others, and hear how a background in sales and marketing opened the door for them to start their company.

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