She had a spirit wolfhound at her side


In the 13th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show, I introduced my 3 books to new listeners, namely Moses and Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals Have Souls Series; Proof Animals Have Souls, and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian. All are on Amazon as Ebooks and Paperbacks.

As a vegetarian, author, and psychic and mediumistic psychical researcher myself, today I welcomed Joanne Csaszar to my Show. Joanne from Doncaster, UK, is an evidential medium of 34 years, a psychic reader of the Tarot, Flowers, Ribbons, Buttons, Tea Leaves, and Crystal Ball. Aged 57 with 3 adult children and tragically a 22-year-old son in spirit, and plentiful grandchildren, Joanne worked as a social worker. Joanne’s degree was in urban policy and race relations. Joanne has a beloved Jack Russell who is very much her pet child.

Joanne discussed sensing an orange and brown canary singing, not the typical yellow and green, and a spirit wolfhound at her side. The wolfhound was seen by a member of the audience! Joanne debated how crystal ball readings exhaust her and her love of teacup readings and that all people can discover messages! As a 3 1/2-year-old toddler, Joanne became entranced in front of her burdened grandmother, shouldering tremendous guilt, that her drowned husband had caused the deaths of 31 other men on the sunken ‘HMS Untamed Submarine’, during World War 2 in Scotland. A deep-sea diver who did not survive World War 2, was sent by the Admiralty to falsify the evidence against her grandfather by releasing the locked valve! Hating the lie, this spirit entranced Joanne telling of the Admiralty’s guilt! Interestingly, in the 1980’s the Admiralty admitted her grandfather was not to blame for the loss of the men and submarine and had carried out his duties correctly, closing the valve, confirming Joanne’s childhood trance information!

We are providing the Audio Interview with Jackie Jones Hunt and Joanne Csaszar:

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