The host of the Whine and Cheese is Sheila Wilson, R.N. BSN MPH and President and CEO of the Non-Profit Stop Health Care Violence.  Sheila’s website is
If you want to be part of this movement – to either volunteer or to be interviewed by Sheila Wilson,  contact her at – to make a difference.

Sheila Wilson

The Whine and Cheese show is a place to come and vent. If you want to voice your opinion and really need to vent, then this is the place for you. We will not allow any vulgar language. You really can make your point without swearing. When you come on the Whine and Cheese Show you might bring awareness to an issue that some may not have heard about.

Sometimes it is about proving help for ideas to solve the issues, or just to vent on something that is happening in a hospital, clinic as examples. If you do not want to provide your name or state that perfectly fine. We do recommend that you do not give the hospital name or state.  This is just a place to just vent on something that is stressing you out.  Perhaps when you are venting, you may come to an AHA Moment and find your own solutions to the problem. No one is going to attack you here and just make this a moment for you to talk about a problem.

There is a blog we produced by the station and sent out on the internet.  If you do not want your name mentioned on the blog, please advise Sheila Wilson.

All of the Whine and Cheese Shows are on Whine and Cheese Spreaker Page.  Just click to listen to the Whine and Cheese Below


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