Spiritual Shoes

Written by on July 24, 2018

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Spiritual Shoes

When was the last time you walked in someone else’s spiritual shoes?

You don’t remember?

Why is that?

No one ever told you that “Before you condemn someone, walk in their spiritual shoes to see what their eyes see and how it affects them, family, strangers, relatives, and friends.

I remain convinced that most people don’t talk about that ‘spiritual walk-about’ because they’re afraid of what they might see, discover, or must deal with. We are all comfortable in our own personal spiritual shoes. We’ve been walking in them for a very long time. We know the ins and outs of that relationship. We know what to avoid, how to pre-determine what must be done as opposed to what needs to be done. We don’t have to give our spiritual shoes a great deal of thought, struggle, or even deal with because we’ve been through all that drama before.

It’s clear sailing. However, when we are asked to step out of our comfort zone, the scene changes. It’s no longer a secure and safe place. We’re confronted with the fear of the unknown. We don’t know what to expect, how to deal with it, or even prepared to face what we possibly can’t solve or work out conditionally.

Scary thoughts.

When was the last time you walked in someone else’s spiritual shoes and see what they’re enduring?

One of Passionate World’s Radio Network’s hosts lives with cancer. She moved to another state and city so that her physical needs could be met by her doctor. This lady isn’t wealthy and relies on social security and temporary security guard work she does for a major retailer.

When she told me about her condition, I asked how she was doing. She said:

“Coping with the cancer isn’t a problem. It’s my spiritual side that’s getting me down. I’m often depressed, and can’t understand why my friends and family have deserted me.”

I spent November and December (2017) walking in her spiritual shoes. Her shoes were too big for me, and yet my toes cramped and ached.

My host’s spiritual shoes are heavy. She deals with her spiritual side like a knight armored for battle. She has no illusions about her cancer and knows she’s dying. The physical side doesn’t concern her as much as the betrayal of friends and family. Out of five children, not one has helped or offered help.

Out of her many friends, not one has stepped forward. One of them who did step forward is trying to get her arrested for stealing a car that he gifted to her four years ago.

The next time you wear your spiritual shoes, remember what Christian Louboutin had to say:

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”  (https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/shoe)

Like my host, remember too, that walking in other people spiritual shoes is what keeps us healthy and wise.




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