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Jackie introduces Susan Bowman on the 19 episode of “Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show,”  Susan Bowman, a medium and Vice President of Lancaster Spiritualist Church in England, shares her experiences working in various spiritualist churches.

Susan recounts a touching story involving Harry, a dog who passed away. After Harry’s passing, his distraught owner asked Susan to accompany her to the Pet Crematorium. During the visit, Susan claimed to hear Harry’s telepathic voice, asking, “What are we doing here?” She consoled the owner and advised her to be open to any signs from Harry.

In the days that followed, the owner reported hearing Harry’s footsteps around the house. Susan also mentioned seeing Harry’s spirit dog entering her own home, though she wasn’t concerned about his well-being. This story illustrates the connection between humans and their beloved pets, even after they’ve passed away. Susan’s experiences offer comfort and reassurance to those who have lost their animal companions.

Sharing the audio interview featuring Jack Jones Hunt and Susan Bowman to support those who have lost their cherished animal companions.

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