Betsy Wuzel host at Chatting with Betsy is interviewing Sean Smith has been a caregiver for 15 years. Sean started as a hospice volunteer and volunteering for hospice is where he found his passion.  When Sean married his wife who is also a caregiver with over 28 years of and for similar reasons they share the same passion for improving the quality of life for all seniors. The Company that they started is called […]

  Get your pencil and paper ready Sue Fernandez is on Betsy’s show today Education Series on the most common types of Dementia on the Chatting with Betsy.  Sue Fernandez is bringing her knowledge for Dementia on Chatting with Betsy Show.  The first type of Dementia that Sue will be discussing Early Onset Dementia and a few more. Education oneself on Dementia is so important as there many types of Dementia.  The one dementia that […]

  Betsy Wurzel -Chatting with Betsy show today is with Betsy. Betsy has some Health Care issues she wanted to talk about.  What happened when she went for the test and how much out of pocket she had to pay.  The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable to many.  This is a show you have to listen to and how she has to deal with insurance.  How do you handle insurance and what decisions […]

  Betsy Wurzel is the host of Chatting with Betsy.  Betsy talks about creating the Kick Alzheimers Ass Movement.  Betsy talks about living in the moment and about Fear and how it can paralyze you.  Also, talks about how important Self Care is for you. To listen to Betsy Talk about the 1st year of the KAAM and more – Click here to listen… Contact Betsy Wurzel on Facebook with questions or comments you have […]

  Today Betsy Wurzel on Chatting with Betsy is on the topic of National Caregivers Day and Valentine’s day. What this means to reach out to the many caregivers and say Hello and Thank them for all the work they do for their loved ones. Giving them a Hug. Betsy talks about her experience of celebrating valentine’s day as a caregiver.  Betsy would purchase a gift and a card and would show her husband Matt […]

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