Betsy’s guest is Susie Singer Carter, an award-winning writer, director, producer, playwright, actress, and a dedicated caregiver advocate. She is also the former caregiver to her mom, the CEO of Go Girl Media, and the podcast host of “Love Conquers Alz,” which won Best Podcast in 2020. Additionally, she hosts the comedy/horror podcast “I Love Lucifer.”

Susie Singer Carter discussed her 2018 Oscar-qualified short film, “My Mom and The Girl,” featuring Valerie Harper as her mom, Norma. This deeply moving and powerful film is highly recommended for viewing.

Susie also talked about her new documentary, “No Country For Old People,” which explores the conditions in nursing homes and the treatment of the elderly. The inspiration for this eye-opening documentary came from Susie’s and her mom’s experiences during the last six months of her mom’s life in a five-star long-term care facility. I am honored to be part of this remarkable documentary.

We delved into issues such as short staffing, high employee turnover rates, and the urgent need for the healthcare system to change its approach to treating the elderly, especially those with dementia and cognitive disabilities. Susie mentioned that 200,000 people in care facilities died during the first six months of the pandemic. She detailed how her mom developed a stage 4 bedsore and the terrible conditions and treatment her mom endured. Susie’s mother had Alzheimer’s for 16 years.

Susie Singer Carter is exposing the harsh realities of long-term care facilities. We discussed the importance of being advocates and how medical professionals often ‘gaslight’ patients and their caregivers. This interview is highly informative and engaging.

For more details about the documentary, to view clips, and to learn how you can support this project, please visit the provided websites. The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care partnered with Susie Singer Carter for this documentary.

We are providing the audio interview with Betsy Wurzel and Susie Singer Carter in this blog for your convenience. 👉Click here to listen…

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