In 1986, John Elway led his team 98 yards to win in overtime when forfeiting looked like the better bet for Denver. In an era of too many tragic deaths, crass politics, and nonstop nonsense, things look dire. But cynicism can’t fix things now. No sir. If everyone wears a mask and makes smart divisions to keep us all safe, with apologies to Keith Bishop, good things are gonna happen! Join in and listen […]

Last weekend, the New York Jets record dropped to 0-9, embarrassing their fan base in indefensible fashion and giving Jets fans no further responsibility to follow their team. Ownership needs to be held accountable, the same way Lions ownership was when the fan base turned on the Ford family.  If the Jets fan base can do the same, I’d applaud them, because they deserve WAY better than this! To listen to this discussion with Dan […]

Dak Prescott’s gruesome injury leaves A rusty Andy Dalton to lead Dallas’ offense this season. Want the playoffs, Andy?   Nothing but deep passes and runs should be an option on Sundays this year, because the Cowboys need to worry about running the clock out and kicking field goals to win! Join in and listen to Dan Riley talk about sports and the Dallas Cowboys:  Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel on Spotify.  […]

  A few weeks ago, I discussed major League Baseball’s labor problems. Clearly, no one can give us what we want between ownership and the players. Frankly, the childish attitude between ownership and  MLB shows the game is too out of touch with reality to defend Either side, and whatever hope baseball has of keeping its fan base is probably gone for good! To listen to Dan’s discussion on the reality of Baseball –Click here […]

    How appropriate pro basketball is returning; the game reminds us of shooting baskets as kids, of our innocence. The NBA’s return gives us a distraction from terrible images on the nightly news of COVID-19 and shootings in a time when something as trivial as Lebrun James’ latest victory with the Lakers’ suddenly feels like an escape from hell on earth. To listen to this discussion with Dan Riley –Click here to listen… You […]

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