Music and her fantasy imagination helped her survive


Our guest today, Adele Bertei, is a versatile artist with talents spanning writing, singing, songwriting, and directing. She’s here to discuss her latest memoir, “TWIST: AN AMERICAN GIRL.” In this book, written under the pseudonym Maddie Twist, Adele candidly shares her challenging journey of growing up in an abusive home, navigating foster care, and facing the justice system, all while coming to terms with her identity as a gay woman during the 1960s and 1970s when such topics were often shrouded in silence.

Adele’s motivation for writing this memoir is to provide hope to those who have similar experiences and have been silenced by fear. She also discusses her music career, the impact of meeting Peter Laughner, and how music and imagination helped her survive. Additionally, she shares her appreciation for the lessons she learned about African-American culture during her time in the justice system. Betsy highly recommends Adele’s book, which portrays Maddie Twist as a triumphant survivor rather than a victim, showcasing powerful and raw emotions.

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