Betsy is joined by Mary Beth Flynn, the Owner and Founder of Artfully Aging®, LLC, on today’s show. Mary Beth Flynn holds a degree in Human and Environmental Sciences from the University of Missouri and has a background in Commercial Design and Professional Watercolor House Portraiture.

During the conversation, Mary Beth shares the journey behind creating Artfully Aging®, a watercolor art program tailored for seniors of all skill levels and care needs. She highlights the numerous benefits of engaging in watercolor projects, such as boosting confidence, fostering a sense of achievement, promoting community involvement, and enhancing social connections. Mary Beth also recounts her fulfilling experiences conducting Artful Aging® sessions in various facilities and the joy it brought to both seniors and herself.

Moreover, the interview delves into how caregivers can facilitate Artfully Aging® activities at home, emphasizing its value as a multi-generational pursuit that brings families together. Mary Beth elaborates on the process of accessing project options online, complete with instructions and tutorial videos.

Betsy expresses her enthusiasm for Artfully Aging®, recognizing its potential appeal to children, and young adults, as well as educational institutions and recreational programs. She eagerly anticipates embarking on a watercolor project with her son Josh.

The interview discusses the therapeutic advantages of engaging in creative endeavors like Artfully Aging®, prompting Betsy to encourage listeners to explore the program’s offerings on the website. Betsy shares her excitement about selecting the Easter Bunny project for herself and Josh, along with other available options like customizable greeting cards. Betsy commends the prompt shipping of her order, urging others to visit the website for further details and inspiration.

Explore the audio interview with Betsy Wurzel and Mary Beth Flynn as they delve into the topic of creativity across generations.

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