“Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the Old Man’s Hat.”

A wonderful sentiment. What happens if you don’t celebrate Christmas?

Yes, the media tries.

They talk briefly about: Qwanza, traditional African American celebration. The Hispanics have their

own version while other nationalities and religious groups celebrate in their own right.

Somehow it seems that everyone has forgotten what Christmas is, and why it’s celebrated?

Christmas is coming…

For many people, the Christmas period is not a time of rejoicing, but of black, deep depression.

For the homeless, it means another round of hand-outs. The volunteers don’t think so.

They’re doing their Christian duty. They’re volunteering down at the shelter.

How noble of them. How humbling.

For the people who receive the hand-outs.

Other people left out in the cold. They’re too numerous to add, but I’ll give it a try.

“The poor you’ll always have with us.” quoted by Jesus Christ.

He got that one right. What he didn’t understand is that modern technology and civilization adds

to the problem.

The Job Rate

Despite record numbers of people having work or obtaining work, there are RECORD numbers of people

who still don’t have jobs. People who are unskilled. People who weren’t retrained. People older than 65.

Teens need work to go to college, feed the family, take care of elderly parents.

Grandparents taking care of their grandchildren.

Widows, Widowers. Misplace. Displaced.

You’ll never hear the President speak about those numbers?

Why? Because in the richest country in the world, It’s embarrassing.

You heard me E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G!

I’m not getting paid to say this. It’s a true statistic. On the other hand, the United States ranks 23rd

in Science, Math, and Technology.

Holiday Spirit

That old fashion holiday spirit where men were men and women were women and children were property

of their father.

The holiday time is stressful for many people.

I’m not talking about buying presents, gift giving, busing children to and fro to holiday activities, but to

the faceless and uncounted many who’ll have to decide, do we eat or do we buy presents for the kids?

No Christmas story here. A work of fiction, but the cold, honest truth. That’s what Dickens wrote about.

The truth in his stories. Some politicians took it to heed. Many did not.

The Solution

What to do?

Honestly? It depends on your Spirit. I’m not speaking about Scrooge. I’ve seen many variations of this

movie, but none really seem to target the REAL problem that besets Dicken’s tail. England in the

1800s wasn’t a pleasant place if you weren’t well off.

And it’s no different in the 21st century.

If you’re well off, Christmas and the myriad of holidays is a good time for all.

If you’re not well off, Christmas and the other holidays is DREAD time for all.

You’ve got no job. No money coming in. No necessary clothes for the family.

No food. No nothing.

I was once there. I told people my son was brought up under the poverty level.

I wasn’t prepared to go out into the world, find a job and support my family.

I learned fast.

I economize. Got a job that would pay the bills and lived from pay check to pay check.

That was in the 70’s folks.

It hasn’t changed much since then.

What2DoWhen all hope dwindles and you’re left with frustration, hopelessness, and despair?

Who are you gonna call?  YOUR RESOURCES DEEP WITHIN YOU.

You know what you can do.

Implement it.

I worked three (3) jobs to support my family.

I took anything that would improve my circumstances.

I went to school online. In those days, to take tests I had to find a principal, a professor at a college, or an administrator

to oversee my exams. These days, the rules aren’t so strict.

It took me a long, long, long time to finish my degree. I never did receive it. Another story.

I learned on the job. Kept a journal. Became a Professional Temporary. Earned my way from $5.00 an hour to almost

$100 an hour.

Ask questions.

Ask for help.

Believe in yourself.

Steel yourself for unpleasantness. It’s gonna happen whether you want it to or not.

Explain to the kiddies what you’re doing.

Show them the budget. Show them where the money goes and what’s left over.

Have a heart-to-heart with them about WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD AND WHAT YOU CAN’T.

Kids are resilient. They’ll do what’s important to them and then you. Fortunately, if you’ve raised them the right

way, they’ll cooperate.

I’m not going to say we were on easy street, but I made sure that we weren’t living from pay check to pay check.

In the long run, everything is UP TO YOU.

You’re the one person who can decide how your life is going to unfold.

Choose Wisely!

Until next time… .



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