What2DoWhen Things Don’t Work Out

Ever had one of those days, weeks, months, or even years when stuff doesn’t work out?

You want to kill your computer? Kick the wifi? Throw the cat out of the window?

Throw a tantrum and notify the world that your Passion isn’t working out short of screaming: “Stop the world! I want

to get off!”

An Easier Way

There’s an easier way to handle these frustrations. I call it “My Ben Franklin Emergency Kit.”

What is a “Ben Franklin Emergency Kit?”

Ben Franklin

Mr. Franklin was a composite of many personalities and behaviors.

One thing that Mr. Franklin did well was to look at everything from a different perspective.

One that encompasses the whole rather than an half or a quarter.

He knew that when you look at things logically (move over Mr. Spock), one could find the solution

to every problem. You needed to keep poking, probing, and questioning.

All roads lead to Rome

How is that kind of thinking going to help you there?

Think about it.

This week, for me, was the Week from Hell!

Everything that could go wrong did.

Two of my interviewees never made it nor did they phone me.

Zoom stopped working.

Audio disappear.

Crackle, pop, and dash invaded several web recordings I listened to.

What’s a sane person to do?


Another Solution

No, they were out on another call.

Handle it myself. That’s what the ghostbusters told me to do.

I handled it myself.

I stop beating myself up.

We all do it. Beat ourselves up emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Biting nails. Eating junk food. Kicking. Smashing. Screaming.


I got up and took a walk. A long walk. Not off a short pier, but through the woods admiring the

orange-gold-red leaves remaining on the trees.

Scuffed at the dirt path with my sneakers.

Released steam. Released anger.

Didn’t hit a tree.

They feel pain too. A living thing.

Came back refreshed. Long, cool drink of lemon water. Hit the spot. (visual thingy).

Sat down at the computer and said out loud.

“You’re not going to defeat me.”

It didn’t solve my immediate problem, but it calmed me down inside.

That’s where it counts.

Inside. Where my inner demons live. Picture “Bald Mountain” and you’ll get my drift.

Solution Solved?

I’m not angry. That’s a start.

I didn’t bite my nails.

Ate a whole package of small, unsalted pretzels. Hey, I’m not perfect.

Just being reasonable or close to it.

My problems still exist, but I went to my hosting company and their developers are working on it.

Just so you’ll know. When Jetpack says it will share your social media sites with your blog postings, don’t take it for

granted. My sharing doesn’t work that way. Just saying. Check with them first and find out.

Don’t let ANYONE sell you tech help.

That’s their first step.

Don’t let ANYONE into your computer by remote and watch them destroy what you put together.

It isn’t worth the anguish.

I had to pull the plug to get them to stop.

You’re the one in control. Don’t give it away!

Life’s Lesson

Is there a moral here?

Don’t panic.

Help is on the way.

Reason with yourself.

Go for help. It’s out there. Find it!

When frustration sets in, don’t allow it to demoralize it. Use Ben Franklin’s method and let the world know you mean BUSINESS!”

Until next time… .

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    Posted November 24, 2019

    Good post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well..

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