Sheila Wilson’s Guest today on the Whine and Cheese program is Judie Vankooiman. Sheila met Judie Vankooiman when she invited Sheila to do a cable show with her about Stop Health Care Violence and then when Sheila recently went to the resource fair Judie had in Lynn.
Judie has a cable show called “Life issues” and when we spoke about why she named her show Life Issues, she said everyone sometime in their life could have an issue. Judie’s life is really like an open book “Judie lost her job, lost her husband due to cancer then lost her home.  Judie ended up in a shelter for 9 months, “it wasn’t easy but she survived” you ask people for help, for information. There are really good people out there that want to help! Again, all you have to do is ask!
Judie also speaks about how she started a Non-Profit in Memory of her husband “Those Who Can, For Those in Need
When I saw Judie at the resource fair she hosted, she was amazing going from one table to the next, making sure everyone was satisfied and happy. Her resource fair was outstanding. There were so many different agencies there, it was fantastic.
Judie’s life certainly had a lot of pitfalls, but she isn’t complaining. During our conversation, you will hear her speak about when bad times happen sometimes good things come out of it!
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