What2DoWhen Your Speechless

Cat got your tongue?

You’ve got nothing to say. Nothing to impart? Not even a tiny bit of wisdom?

When you’re utterly speechless, your outer defense collapsed.

No one’s home.

The portals open to the first wave of people who come along.

You don’t want that!

Speechless or Not

It’s important to understand that communication is a two-way street.

Someone says something.

You answer.

It doesn’t matter that your answer might be right or wrong. You’ve defended yourself by speaking your mind.

Without speech, you are entirely at someone’s mercy.

Surely you don’t want that.

Think of the universal damage that might happen if you left yourself defenseless in a verbal and sight world.

It’s the little things that count

Whether or not, this is a temporary problem. There are ways to combat it.

o   Always be prepared. Like a good boy scout or girl scout always have a standard answer prepared to show the world that your portals are closed and your castle is defended.

o   Smile to throw off the enemy and then respond with a proper sentiment that’s always acceptable in polite company. “Have a nice day.” “Lovely weather we’re having.” You’ve got the idea.         Remember what Mom always told you. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, smile, dip your head, then say, “You, too.” That way you’ve protected yourself from all sides and nothing should get in that you don’t want in.

o   Tell them a story to district them. A good story conveys what you want them to ear. You stay in control

o    Turn away from them, and wish them a Good Day. No need to say anything more. Your point is taken.

What2dowhen You’re Speechless

I had bad news imparted to me yesterday which has left me speechless.

However, I carry on. Stiff upper lip. Duty calls.

This post is shorter than usual.

Well said. Well said!

Until next time… .

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