Jackie commenced her broadcast by introducing her program, delving into her background in researching mediumship and offering a primer for new listeners. She proceeded to discuss the guest of the day, Rachel Neate, a renowned evidential medium and healer. Jackie shed light on the historical mistranslations of biblical passages by politically oriented church councils, which have led to the condemnation of mediumship. She pointed out that figures such as Moses, Jesus, and numerous biblical prophets and judges were practitioners of mediumship, psychic abilities, dream interpretation, and healing. Jackie cited the Transfiguration on the Mount, where Jesus conversed with Moses and Elijah, as an example of the acceptance of spiritual communication in ancient times, a tradition that persists to this day.

Differentiating between psychic and mediumistic readings, Jackie clarified that mediumistic readings involve communication with a third-party spirit communicator, such as a beloved spirit animal or deceased individual. The hallmark of a credible mediumistic reading is the revelation of information unknown to the sitter beforehand, whereas psychic readings typically offer predictive insights and guidance. She emphasized the importance of disciplined meditation and patience in nurturing both psychic and mediumistic spiritual gifts.

Rachel, serving as the President of the Oldham Spiritualist Church, elaborated on the steps for individual mediumistic development, building upon previous discussions. She detailed the format of their development classes, which are priced at £2 per session and typically last an hour. Participants are instructed on methods to protect themselves spiritually through prayer and the opening and closing of chakras. The curriculum includes teachings on the functions of each chakra in facilitating mediumistic development. Guided meditations, lasting 15 minutes, are followed by students sharing their experiences of colors and imagery encountered during the session. Seasoned mediums leading the classes interpret these visions, elucidating their symbolic significance. For instance, the crown chakra, positioned atop the head, serves as a conduit for receiving spiritual guidance, while the third eye, located in the center of the forehead, facilitates the perception of spirits. Rachel highlighted that meditation can be practiced individually or in supportive group settings, fostering spiritual growth and development.

Presenting the audio interview featuring Jackie Jones Hunt and Rachel Neate as they delve into the path of self-discovery.


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