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Why I Don’t Like President Trump

I am a straight-shooter who loves all people like my Gram Stansfield did. She died in 2007, months after I lost my Dad. They were my last two full supporters. Since that time, I married for a second time, primarily because I was tired of living alone. I thought he was like my Dd who was really an introvert, and rarely spoke, but when he did, you learned something. My younger brother is exactly the same. During my second marriage, I began to suffer from anxiety and depression because I was unhappy in my marriage. I tried to kill myself when I worked for Amazon even though it was the best company for which I ever worked. I couldn’t work fast enough for them. I got divorced on my 60th birthday and finally learned to love myself. The last two years have been a struggle, but I am done apologizing. You either like me or you don’t. I am done with toxic people, most of which are in my family. I say all that as a pretext for why I don’t like President Trump.

When I turned 18 in high school, I registered to vote on my birthday, and when I showed up at my small town polling place a month later to vote in the PA (Pennsylvania) primary, I was told I couldn’t vote. I assured the lady I could, showing her my voter registration card. I am a registered Democrat (all the women in my family are); however, I have voted for Republicans (the men in my family are Republican): Regan, both Bushes.  I vote for the person I feel will represent most of my view for the future.

I hated Mr. Trump from the beginning. He is a narcissist like ex-husband #2. He only loves himself and works to advance the rich like himself. He mocks others like the mentally challenged man he encountered during the campaign. He insults people of different races, religions, nationalities, sexual preferences and abilities. His 2020 budget cuts social security and Medicare. He has backed out of policies that protect wild animals and is building his Mexican border wall over sacred Native American land. He speaks like a 4th grader and is promoting separatism and acting like he wants to be the supreme ruler years! After his acquittal from impeachment, he Twittered that he wanted to be the Supreme Ruler of America forever. I believe his unaltered love of rule America forever. His love and support of PUtin, Jung and Assad make him part of the Book of Revelation in the Bible, I believe. I am not a Bible-banger for sure, but try to follow Jesus’ teachings. Read the Book of James. Jesus loved and accepted all people, regardless of anything. We may be different coors and believe different things, but our souls are all the same color. God chooses who gets into Heaven and is the only judge. There will be Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, HIndus, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics, Lutherans, atheists and agnostics in Heaven.

I haven’t decided yet who I am voting for this primary season. I am still waiting and watching the Democratic candidates. But I will vote! So must we all. If you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch. More than 50 percent of the population does not vote. It is your right as an American. Voting is a privilege. Let your voice be heard, especially this year! That is how we make America great again.

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Written by Susan George

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