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Gayle Yarbrough is the Author of this Blog on Antipsychotic Drugs Gayle provides her experience she had with the Antipsychotic Drugs that were prescribed for her father. Not all drugs work they you think they will work. Do the Physicians know how these drugs will react on Dementia/Alzheimer patient. I am not sure if they do. Somehow one has to find the information on side effects of medication that is given to Dementia/Alzheimer Patient. As […]

This blog was written by Gayle Yarbrough.  You may have read The Ups & Downs of Being a Family Caregiver in the Home the first blog I posted for Gayle.  Many of you read that article and found it very informative on what it takes to be a care giver.  Keep the comments and suggestions coming.  That is really how it works to share to other caregivers, for some information that they may have not […]

Betsy Wurzell The interview with Betsy Wurzel is on Education and Living in the moment. Betsy explains that many do not understand the process of an Alzheimer Patient.  There are 7 stages and they are guides for what may happen to the patient as the disease progresses.  You have to understand what may be happening to your loved one.   There is a lot of information on the Internet for the progression.  Alzheimer Association has a […]

  Making Change by Susan Graham   My two children were young in 1990 when I received my decennial census form to fill out. They are biracial, I am White and their father is Black. According to the census directions, I was required to pick only one race for them. Wanting to do the right thing, I called the Census Bureau. They put me on hold repeatedly trying to find an answer. A supervisor got […]

                                                                                                                                         WHINE & CHEESE   On Memorial Day, […]

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