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Sarah Armstrong’s  Guest Blog Article Recovering from a Divorce Hang-over…While Still Driving Carpool Every Morning By Sarah Armstrong There is no way to escape some sort of divorce hang-over. Dealing with your own post-divorce emotions and helping your children adjust to a life without their normal day to day interaction with both parents is a challenge. My advice over the years, “Everyone’s divorce hang-over is different… and recovery times vary… but the emotional headache is […]

In this series episode, Mrs. Berrah speaks about “Why are people isolating themselves with technology? This series is based on a book that was written by her husband  Dr. Ghoulem Berrah: Our Common Faith: “In Pursuit of Happiness!” For more information on Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation Click Here  To watch this video with Mrs. Berrah  Click Here You can follow this series with the book called Our Common Faith. You can purchase this book on […]

The Views expressed in this article, “Why I Don’t Like President Trump” does not reflect the views, statements, political opinions, grievances, or other informational content. Passionate World Talk Radio supports NO political party, NO candidate for President of the United States, or any Political Affiliation. Whatever opinions, advice, or other statements, political or otherwise, isn’t a reflection of PWTR. Our articles for the Blog are submitted by Guest Bloggers who have something to say and […]

Let’s welcome Guest Blogger Brett Marciel to are Our On-Line Blog Journal  Suicide is Preventable Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10 – 24 in America, resulting in more than 130 deaths each week.  The suicide rate in this age group has risen dramatically as of late. Between 2007 and 2017, we experienced a more than 65% increase in the suicide rate of 10 – 24-year-old Americans.  The younger population […]

We want to welcome Guest Blogger, Nina Venturella to our On-Line Blogging Journal  Treasure worth finding… Most of us go through life with questions that never seem to get answered.  We tend to just skip through life in a status quo state of being. It could be the uncertainty of why something happened to me or how did I get this issue? Whatever the issue may or may not be, it leaves us with a […]

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