Today’s guest is Coach Judy Romanoff a Cognitive Trainer for the Mind and Recognized Expert for divorce and single parenting.  Judy Romanoff is also a Talk Show Host, Speaker, and Podcaster.

Coach Judy created and founded the non-profit  National Single Parent Resource  Center to help families going through a divorce, and custody disputes and offers classes and counseling to provide resources for families to have the tools for education and support. In the interview, Judy discusses what a Cognitive Trainer does such as providing people with tools to achieve success through life regardless of life’s challenges!  Betsy and Judy discuss finding the positive, taking ownership, asking yourself who are you inside? and loving and accepting yourself for a better future!
Coach Judy  said, “A problem is an opportunity  to learn from.” For more information on Coach Judy,  visit the website for information on her work and how she can help you.
Providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and  Coach Judy Romanoff on counseling families through a crisis:

Contact Information:
Judy Romanoff
Business number: 561-441-8557
Facebook  support  group: National Single Parents 
Betsy Wurzel
Web Page:  Betsy Wurzel
Personal Page on Facebook
Group Facebook Page  Facebook
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