Lillian Cauldwell’s guest is Dave Maquera and the interview is the subject, returning cell phones and/or tablets and receive cash for them through Kiosks created by Dave Mcquera’s company, ecoATM. “More than 25 million devices over the past two decades that have been given a new life or properly recycled. This means less toxic electronic waste entering our natural environment and a healthier planet for future generations to come.” There is more detailed information […]

  On this episode of the Energy Stoners Cafe™ podcast, host Toni Quest is joined by ‘Maestro’ Joseph Lento from New York and J. Gordon Boyd, of Taskforce Frontline, from Canada. They discuss structured music education and their international bound S.T.E.P.S. program as a means of healing our troubled youth. For more information on the S.T.E.P.S. program. please contact ‘Maestro’ Joseph Lento or J. Gordon Boyd. To listen to this interview with Toni Quest, Joseph […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.on Homes for Heroes. “Donating these funds to support our military veterans who face a housing crisis or a need for emergency financial assistance is how the Homes for Heroes Foundation can help those who bravely served and sacrificed for us,” says Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.” This is the third year the Homes for Heroes Foundation has donated […]

  This is going to be an interesting interview.  Gracie Dix is a Young Adult Writer. Lillian Cauldwell Interviewed Gracie Dix, Author of  “Welcome to Super Hero School! “Gracie Dix is ready to join the ranks of America’s next wave of great fantasy/adventure writers.  Welcome to Superhero School is a page-turner where Oliver, Jessica, classmates, and teachers take on supervillains and each other in wave after wave of densely-layered exploits.  The book will leave you breathless and […]

  Christopher Thiesing, of the Small Business Development Center, is Toni Quest’s guest tonight on this episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe Podcast.  They discuss the effect of the current global pandemic on small businesses and what companies and entrepreneurs can do to revitalize their business in these strange times and what financial recovery options are available from the U.S. Government.  Chris also discusses his personal successful bout with COVID-19t. To listen to the interesting […]

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