Don’t let your doctor or anyone dictate your recovery! You have the capacity to fully heal from any injury or illness created by long haul Covid-19 and/or the shot(s) or any illness or injury. Including nanobots (all nano tech is made of metal or polymer plastics – glutathione removes those as well).
When you detoxify your body and give it back what it needs to heal, you can recover from the toxins in the shots, including any harm from nano tech. I give some examples, including a famous person who was told they would never walk again, much less do martial arts again, and he accomplished what doctors considered impossible.
Providing the Audio Interview to listen to while reading this Blog:
Study on Glutathione and how it protects from Covid-19:
Study on Glutathione and its ability to detoxify metals, pollutants, stress, other toxins, and even alcohol:
Dr. Horowitz added glutathione in treating his Covid patients and all recovered – his protocols listed here and his severe Covid protocol is also great as a detox method:
Wish to get tested to see what current toxicity state your body is in that is fully forensic and admissible in court?
We are now partnered with Fastest Labs with locations nationwide to create a database, showing the level of toxicity in people, especially after having a Covid shot –
Call 1-877-857-9238 if you need assistance with ordering a Fastest Labs full forensic toxicity test – all info stays confidential. (Paladina Int’l is now HIPAA trained and certified)
Check out our website regarding symptoms of toxicity, detoxification info, survey forms, and blog – there is even a section on Covid-19 and Flu info, new studies, and protocols. Take our survey on the Survey page to let us know how we can best help you.
Member: EMPA (insured practitioner); NAPH; Certified Facilitator, The Morter Institute; Certified Sacred Meditation Leader (Energy Healing). Over 45 years of experience in nutrition, exercise/sports, spiritual, and overall wellness study.
1 on 1 and Group Consults on Nutrition questions; Stress/Anxiety support; How to deal with temporary Behavior issues from toxicity; Energy Chakra Balancing; Emotional support and encouragement while detoxing; Followup, Test Questions, and Analysis of Tests; Maintenance Medication concerns while detoxing; Intuition Training.
Call 1-888-307-6780 or fill out our survey at or – with Covid-19 and Flu info and treatment
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Christine Padovan
Paladina International
Member: EMPA, NAPH (fully insured practitioner)
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The toll-free number to contact for testing is 1-877-857-9238
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