Beneath the Surface: Silent Heroes in Our Midst


In this engaging interview, Betsy welcomes Jim B. North, writer, speaker, and former reporter with Gaylord News. Renowned for his multiple journalism awards, particularly for human interest storytelling, Jim North is the author of “UNSUNG HEROES WEAR NO CAPES: 12 Essential Virtues For An Extraordinary Life.”

During their insightful conversation, Jim delves into the motivation behind his book and explores some of the essential virtues it highlights, such as love, courage, friendship, honesty, hope, optimism, faithfulness, gratitude, and mercy. The core theme emerges as they discuss how love serves as the foundational virtue upon which these others can flourish, ultimately leading to a transformative impact on one’s life and the lives of those around them.

Betsy and Jim share an exploration of the profound ripple effects that individuals may unknowingly create in the world. They emphasize the heroic nature of caregivers and provide examples of unsung heroes, shedding light on the often-overlooked acts of kindness and virtue that shape our communities.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they briefly touch upon the Osage Tribe and the film “Killers of The Flower Moon.” Jim, having previously interviewed Osage Tribe Members for his book, brings a unique perspective to the discussion. The discourse also delves into the destructive nature of dishonesty, drawing attention to its impact on individuals and communities.

Betsy recommends exploring Jim North’s website for more information and direct links to order the recommended book, “UNSUNG HEROES WEAR NO CAPES.” She suggests considering it as a thoughtful gift, emphasizing its profound exploration of virtues and transformative power. Jim’s work resonates as both an engaging read and a source of inspiration for leading an extraordinary life grounded in essential virtues.

Listen to Betsy Wurzel and Jim North discuss unsung heroes and the heroic caregivers in our communities. The conversation highlights examples of often-overlooked acts of kindness and virtue shaping our communities.:

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