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Betsy Wurzel

This week Betsy Wurzel is discussing about Criticizing.  Now that is subject many caregivers hear on a daily basis.

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When you are being criticized it can be so stressful. Especially from your brothers, sister or friends who really do not  lift a finger to help you in carer of one of your parents.  Then tempers will flair and you are being blamed.  Many are quick to judge but do not care or want to help you in caring for your parent.  You may start yelling and getting upset and you might feel justified in that moment, but it will help reduce your stress.  “NO”  You are dealing with people that are selfish or are not educated in what is Alzheimer’s.

You have to let the person know that criticizing you, is not acceptable with out starting a fight.   You really need to tell them that you are very upset on how you should be doing things,  without first really understanding how Dementia/Alzheimer’s effects your mother or Dad.  Perhaps your Family needs a reality check on what is Dementia/Alzheimer.  I am guessing If your siblings were selfish, spoiled or rude as children they will probably be the same as an adult

Cannot stress enough on Education.  But on another sad note “You many not be able to get the support from you family with out talking about Alzheimer’s and what Alzheimer is.

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