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Betsy Wurzel is a returning Guest Speaker on my Internet Radio Show.  Betsy always has something that she is sharing on what or how she handled something in her Caregiver Journey.  Do all these tips or suggestions apply to everyone “NO” If the tips or suggestions can help you that is what we are striving to help with.  If the tips or suggestions may not apply to your caregiving needs BUT you may know a […]

Marcia Burr is and Advocate for all caregivers.  In this episode with Marcia Burr, talks about the Life Raft and Dementia.  How each one needs a team to succeed.  To have a successful launch for the 4th of July parade, the team had to adjust and adjust to put the Life Raft together. Sometimes not sure what they were doing.  You see how this can apply to a family with a loved one with Dementia.  […]

Khawla Maria Khader is a frequent guest speaker on my radio show.  Today Maria will be talking about how to work with an Alzheimer’s patient.  It could be the tone of your voice, how you approach them that can help with assisting the patient perhaps drink some water or eat a snack.  Perhaps there is a test that has to be done for the patient.  They may have Dementia/Alzheimers, but they still, deserve respect  When […]

Betsy Wurzel is a weekly guest on the Caregiver Series.  Betsy provides information that has helped her through the years as a caregiver.  On the weekly shows Betsy talks about many things that will help you on your journey,  Today Betsy talks about many tips that will help you to celebrate the holidays.  It is always important to talk about the holidays and how they will affect your loved ones and you. How you celebrated […]

Dan Riley is an Intern and Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan talks about sports but today he is talking about Parents and Sports.  Playing in these games are the only time most kids can enjoy childhood and emulate their heroes. Nothing is more pathetic than a parent who makes this about them and their need to argue balls and strikes. One can only hope this comes to an end in the near future.  […]

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