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  This week Host Betsy Wurzel Interviews Cookie D. Hines  Calming Voice of the Distant Doula.  The topic maybe a little unsettling for many, but it is a topic that needs to be discussed.  Betsy’s guest Cookie D. Hines will be discussing why you may need assistance from a Doula.  People may be afraid or may not understand what the Dould can help you and your loved one in the process of death.   A doula […]

Host Betsy Wurzel is a caregiver for her husband Matt for the past 9 Years. Betsy is very vocal on bringing more awareness for Dementia/Alzheimers.  Betsy started about 2 to 3 years ago doing live Facebook videos on being a caregiver. Betsy never thought in a million years that anyone would ever watch her videos on Facebook. Well, to her surprise there was an audience just waiting for Betsy and the message she had for […]

We all at Passionate World Talk Radio send our thoughts and prayers to all on this day. The loss of many lives, for the families, for the first responders, to all that stepped up to help on that horrendous day. We must never forget the day that all changed for everyone.     Jeanne White Station Manager/Host Passionate World Talk Radio

It was wonderful and exciting for my first visit to Italy on a tour with my friend Marie.  Our visit started in Milan, Italy.  It was so exciting to be on this great vacation to Italy.  We dropped off our suitcases in the room and went off to explore this beautiful city. We had coffee and just walked around the city. I think we also jumped on a bus to see more of Milan.  From […]

Welcome to Passionate World Talk Radio Are you thinking of becoming a Host at Passionate World Talk Radio We have the following types of shows and length of time.  Call us for more information.  Jeanne White, Station Manager    a) Blog b) Podcast c) 30-minute show d) 60-minute show e) Video (15 minutes or less) f) Virtual remote video (20 minutes or less) Let’s talk about you being a Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  […]

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