Spiritual Faith versus Religious Faith versus Belief

I have a friend who many years ago fell down a flight of stairs. The nurses in the emergency room was supposed to take a mri of her brain to see if she had

sustained any damage to her brain. The nurses forgot. A decade later, the doctors discovered that she’d suffered trauma to her brain. That’s why the lady was

going blind. As her sight diminished, the doctor told her she would need an operation. After securing the funds, the lady had her brain operated on.

It seems that the operation was a success, however, this lady was offered a trip to Lourdes to see if the Lady of the Water could cure her as well.

Spiritual Faith is an inner belief that people carry internally within you. This faith is so strong that nothing can deter these people from following

through on what they believe will help them.

Religious Faith is fervor. A devotion so pure and complete that nothing can stand in its way. The Christians in ancient Rome are prime examples of religious faith.

Their devotion to their religion that Christ will save and honor them. That He will take them into heaven and be there as they suffer the torments of fire and the lions

will pale in comparison.

Belief is something that people believe in something so strong, good, and pure, that they will follow it to whatever logical conclusion it leads them to. Hence, the

people in Jonestown who drank the poisoned cool aide because they believed what Jimmy Jones told them. That without his existence to protect, love, and nourish

them, life has no meaning for them. Everyone drank the poisoned drink.

People who lead normal ordinary lives turn to what sustains them through thick and thin, troubled waters, or what assaults them. Spiritual Faith will be there for you. It

asks for no quarter. It asks that you follow what you think will make you a better and compassionate person. Religious Faith also sustains you and provides you with

a shield of protection that’s shelters and keeps you from physical, mental, and religious harm. Belief is the stepping stone between the two types of faith.

No man lives alone.

No man is an island.

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