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Today’s guest is Laura Humm who is Chief Operating  Officer at  SIMMERSION and discusses what her position is, the history of SIMMERSION, and how SIMMERSION  is helping people around the world by providing training sessions on many different topics.

Laura Humm discusses with Betsy Wurzel the Comprehensive Training  System  called “Job Interview Training For Transition Age Youth.”
These sessions help prepare individuals for the interview process which lowers their anxiety and helps them be successful! The interview role-playing can beneficial to anyone! Laura also discusses the other training sessions  SIMMERSION  has to offer such as Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Professionals, and Substance Abuse training sessions.
We are providing the audio interview with Betsy Wurzel and Laura Humm on the excellent Comprehensive Training System that could be very beneficial to many individuals:   
Betsy is a parent of a son on the Autism Spectrum, and she was very impressed with the role-playing training sessions and feels every school and vocational rehab should invest in interviewing role-playing sessions!
For further information about training sessions and how you can purchase the training sessions please go to the website.
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