11.8.19 Marcia Burr Guest Host on Passionate World Talk Radio. Marcia gave some updates on the Alzheimers Music Fest, Update on the Life Raft and much more

9.6.19 Marcia Burr on handling to prepare for Disaster while you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s

8.2.19 Guest Speaker Marcia Burr Guest Speaker on The Life Raft and Alzheimers Music Festival

7.5.19 Marcia Burr Advocate, guest speaker. Marcia will be discussing the Life Raft has Launched

6.13.19 Interview with Betsy Wurzel on Music Therapy and the one Year Anniversary with Betysy Wurzel, Sue Fernendez, Marcia Burr and Christina Turner

2.10.19 Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr both are Advocates and Caregivers. They both have a wealth of information that may help you in your journey. Is there any easy answers maybe or maybe not. Listen to what they both talk about.

1.26.19 Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers- Today’s Show is on Dementia Diagnosis Process

1.14.19 Interview with Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers. Marcia will talk about the Alzheimers Music Festival in Tampa, Florida and other happenings in Florida for Alzheimer’s Awareness

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