Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Michael Connell, a seasoned video production expert since 1980 and the author of two books. Michael, who owns KC Visuals -HBSU, has dedicated his career to assisting businesses and professionals in crafting compelling stories through video. He’s here to talk about his latest publication, “THE BOOK ON POWERFUL VIDEO MARKETING: CRUSHING IT WITH PROMOS THAT CONVERT,” following his earlier work, “VIDEO MARKETING MADE EASY.”

In the conversation, Michael shares the inspiration behind his new book and offers valuable advice on enhancing video quality, even when using just a smartphone. He emphasizes the critical importance of capturing an audience’s attention within the first 3-4 seconds of a video, stressing the need for a captivating opening, a tranquil setting, proper lighting, a clear understanding of the target audience, a well-composed frame, and an effective call to action. This interview is packed with insights you won’t want to miss.

Michael Connell is not only available for consultations and a range of services but also plans to launch an online video marketing course based on his new book. For those interested in a signed copy of his book, orders can be placed directly through Michael Connell’s website.

The key highlight of this blog is tuning into the audio interview featuring Betsy and Michael, where they delve into the intricacies of video marketing.  Click here to listen...
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