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  This is the continuing Advocate Series that Betsy is providing.  This is the opportunity to share and talk about being a caregiver.  This episode on Chatting with Betsy will be speaking Barbara Stewart, Author of the Caregivers Guidebook.    How to navigate the hospital setting.  When you are in a Doctors what do you talk about?  We all get overwhelmed as a caregiver and this book will be a very beneficial guide for you.  […]

  Advocare Series with Betsy Wurzel.   Today on the Advocacy Series with Betsy Wurzel is a major Advocate Marcia Burr. How and why you should be an advocate.  There are many reasons, perhaps you are not getting the response from a medical team to help your loved one. That is just one example of why one needs to have a voice in protecting the assistance for your loved one. To listen to this interview on […]

Betsy Wurzel is providing a series on being an Advocate for your loved ones and even yourself.  We need to be better informed and educated as an Advocate.  Betsy may have a guest come to speak more than once because of their knowledge. Sue Fernandez is one that will come on to speak about an Advocate and provide a wealth of information many times.  When Sue Fernandez appears on the Advocate Series and speaks.  Betsy […]

Betsy Wyrzel has returning Caregiver Erika Hess on a subject that still needs to be discussed “Bullying”.  Erika Hess discusses how her son has been bullying and how it affected him. There is no school presently because of the CoronaVirus but this discussion is still necessary.  There are many children that commit suicide because of being bullied. They speak about how the school was not very helpful. They speak very candidly  Have you been bullied […]

Betsy Wurzel show today is with George Ackerman, Advocate for his mother Sharon and Parkinson Disease.  “George started  Together for Sharon as a family for the purpose of keeping his mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s, memory alive and to share the message of Parkinson’s Awareness and hope for a cure.” If you have any questions we have provided the contact information to contact George Ackerman.  I hope you will read Sharon’s Story on the website. To […]

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