Lizette Cloete, a Dementia Care Specialist with 30 years of experience in healthcare, discusses the challenges of caring for her parents who have cognitive and medical issues. She emphasizes the frustration in seeking proper care and diagnoses. Lizette received a grant to develop an innovative Dementia education and coaching platform, focusing on female caregivers. She highlights the difference between successful and unsuccessful caregivers, stressing the importance of acceptance and education.

Lizette offers free monthly workshops and has a membership group called Dementia Made Easy. She encourages proactive caregiving and provides guidance on making a caregiving plan, preventing burnout, and enhancing the caregiver’s and loved one’s journey through education and teamwork. Lizette was a guest on “Chatting with Betsy” in 2020. Learn more on her website.

Unveiling an enlightening audio interview with Betsy and Lizette, delving into essential guidance for caregivers across various roles. Also, we are pleased to announce an offering from Lizette for free monthly workshops designed to empower and support caregivers:

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