Laurette’s Ingenious Books and the Impact on Memory


On today’s episode of the Truth, Lies, & Alzheimer’s Show, Lisa welcomes a very special guest to her show. Her name is Laurette Klier,  the creator of the award-winning series, Nana’s Books.

Laurette’s books have been strategically designed to benefit those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia by offering a collection of nostalgic books that are not only therapeutic but are also well-researched and go beyond traditional reminiscence therapy with no expectations placed on the individuals living with brain change to have to recall and remember any particular people or events, which can ultimately cause them distress.

Nostalgia is particularly helpful for those who enjoy conversing or hearing about ‘simpler times’ or the ‘good old days’ without reference to personal photos or keepsakes, but still offer a calming familiarity, which is clinically proven to help those with memory loss to cope, and often to thrive. Her books and stories reminisce about important milestones of our lives through visual and auditory cueing, reducing common feelings of depression and loneliness. The books are voice-enabled and are categorized into a variety of topics, such as books for the holidays, etc. Be sure to check out these extraordinary books on Laurette’s Website.

Providing this interview with Lisa and Laurette on nostalgic books that are not only therapeutic but are also well-researched books.

Nana’s Books could make a heartfelt present for those caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s, offering comfort and support.

Contact Information:
Website:  Nana’s Books
Nana’s Book Series: Amazon:  Purchase Here

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