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  To listen to this interview with Betsy and Maria Khader, Director, RN/CM/DN, JK House of Grace Assisted Living Homes. Maria and her staff provide very highly qualified care to their residents. Once you speak to Maria Khader you will know that your loved one will be in a very safe environment. The residents receive assisted living while staying in a true home environment, not a large institution. Maria Khader has four assisted living homes […]

Betsy Wurzel speaks with Dory Richardson, Author, Artist, and Yoga Instructor.  Dory Richarson speaks about Yoga and ways we all are going to make choices on everyday things we do.  Should I go shopping, should I go out to eat are some of the things we think about now. Dory speaks about the many changes that will occur because of this pandemic.  Also speaks about Yoga and breathing can help release some anxiety we maybe […]

Betsy Wurzel interview is with Dr. Marianne Matzo, Ph.D., FAAN. Author and Podcaster. You will hear about death and bereavement.  Dr. Marianne Matzo wants to help educate everyone to be educated on death and dying.  How do you make the best out of your Doctor visit? Who will you have to help you with the decisions you have to make.  This is not an easy discussion but you need to come to terms to discuss […]

Betsy Wurzel speaks with Maureen Spittlehouse about Advocacy and the Family System. The Family System has very little support and some families are part of the problem and not the solution.   Maureen speaks at the time of her Mother issues and finally, the diagnosis was given.  There was very little information about Dementia at the time of her journey as a caregiver which was about 15 years ago. Maureen speaks about the medication that was […]

Chatting with Betsy Show- Today’s Interview is with Krista Mesenbrink, Certified Music Therapist.  Krista discusses how music therapy provides helps to your loved one.   Music can calm someone and brings memories, feelings, and the sensation it provides. Music Therapy could be beneficial for older adults with various types of dementia.  How music therapy is a connection for you and your loved one. To listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel and Krista Mesenbrink on how […]

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