Chris & Tom and how Alzheimer’s stole their lives


Betsy Wurzel, Host of Chatting with Betsy and the guest today is Chris Nichols-Glasgow.  Chris was a caregiver for her husband Tom Glasgow and this is Chris’s story. “A little bit about me. I’m 58 years old. I have been a caregiver to my two husbands. I was married at 23 to my first husband Mark for 17 years when he passed after a two year battle with renal liver failure, esophageal bleeds x3, and double bypass heart surgery. We had two teens 12&16. I was a full restaurant manager and worked 45-55 hrs a week. I found my soulmate a year later. He was a friend of mine and Mark’s throughout our marriage. We had known each other since teen years. My children called him Uncle Tommy their entire life. We had a daughter in 2003. Tom’s first child. We were a great team raising our daughter and the teens. He never hesitated to do anything for us. Cooking, grocery shopping, caring for our daughter was a mutual thing. He was a subcontractor in construction and often had downtime throughout the winter and rain season. I worked full time and he helped me carry out the housework and it was wonderful. We were like newlyweds for much longer than most. We were involved in our daughter’s school. We began going to church and life was great but then Tom lost a contractor he got much work through and began to struggle to find his own work. He began struggling to do the bidding and ordering of supplies. His work was becoming shoddy and he was usually a perfectionist. He wasn’t reading well. Scary when he gave our daughter an adult antihistamine she was only 5. He struggled to cook. He was usually the best baker and made great meals. He got lost going to and from new jobs. He eventually passed out in Walmart while grocery shopping. He woke up on the floor and left and proceeded to drive himself home. I went with him to his next doctor’s appointment and told Doctor what was going on. We got his Dx in 2014 Mild cognitive disease. The Neuropsychologist said probably Early-onset Alzheimer’s. I had no idea what we were dealing with but hit the books and internet and learned quickly. I worked full time and cared for him until I called hospice in May of 2019.”  If you have any questions or comments for Chris, please send to Betsy Wurzel   Email

Chris & Tom before Alzheimer’s took over

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