Christina Turner When do make that decision to retire from your job?

Christina Turner Caregiver and Advocate

Not an easy decision when you may need to leave your job to stay home and care for your loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers. Christina Turner speaks about the decisions to be made and what are the red flags leaving your loved one alone to work. The decision to stop working has a major effect on finances.  Are there other options to help you, so that you can continue to work.? Christina speaks from some of her own experiences on leaving work in her early 50’s to care for her husband.  One of the things that happen is your earnings for the next ten years will be lost.  These are some of the things you need to address when you are taking early retirement.  Christina speaks very candidly on the choices that you will need to make.  There is help but you need to know where to find the information.  Christina provides places to call for assistance.  When Christina started her journey, it was difficult to find the information you needed.  There is more information on the internet and plus the experiences the caregivers are giving is great information.  If you have any worries or just want to talk to a caregiver, contact Christina.

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If you have suggestions or comments on how you handle dementia with Health Issues of the Dementia patient contact Christina.   Christina Turner on Facebook   

When you get involved you can make a difference to the many caregivers that are either on their journey or just starting the journey.  Get involved with educating and join Betsy Wurzel, Christina Turner, Sue Fernandez, Marcia Burr and help educate many on Dementia/Alzheimers.  

If you have questions on this Interview. you can always contact Christina on Facebook or you can send me an email.  Christina

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