Chronicling Sound Bites from Jesus, Mystical Animals


On Jackie’s “Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show,” the guest is Clive Siegner, a Canadian author known for his work in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Siegner has written books like “People Who Knew Jesus Before and After His Crucifixion” and “Further Recordings with Sleeping People.” Jackie, believing in the unique consciousness of sleeping individuals and animals, often feels she has telepathically communicated in her sleep, a theory she’s tested with friends and family.

In the episode, Clive discusses his experiments with people in a sleep state. He asked five individuals to give him questions, which he then posed to them while they slept, without knowing the answers. The next day, they confirmed the accuracy of the responses he received. Clive’s ITC research also involves using a noise akin to white noise, through which he believes he has captured messages from figures like Jesus and an extraterrestrial named Oclamenta.

Currently, Clive is embarking on a fascinating new project. He is attempting to communicate with the spirit of Emma, a dog belonging to his daughter who recently passed away. He aims to find out if Emma’s spirit has reincarnated in Willow, his daughter’s newly adopted dog.

This audio interview features Jackie and Clive, where they delve into a discussion about an experiment involving individuals in a state of sleep.

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