Feral children who were nurtured by animals


Lest We Forget Series topic is Feral children who were nurtured by animals in the jungles, and wilderness!

Lisa Skinner goes into great detail about child development, nature vs. nurture, why these children were abandoned, and how difficult it was for these children to readjust to society. Many children didn’t readjust to society.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed how children became abandoned, why we shouldn’t romantize growing up with animals such as the character, Tarzan, and the difficulties children had readjusting back to family life especially children who were kidnapped by Native Americans. Many children went back to the Native Americans because their families couldn’t accept the mannerisms and language their children learned while living with Native Americans.

Betsy Wurzel discussed  2 cases of feral children, Andrei Tolstoy who was raised by dogs in a remote area of Siberia from 3 months to 8 years, and Victor of Aveyron was found at age 9. Betsy also gave commentary about how amazing it was that the animals didn’t kill the children but took care of them!

Betsy also discussed how children with disabilities were often abandoned, and some reasons why children were abandoned. Betsy gave suggestions for parents or guardians to take workshops on being parents and if you can’t care for your child then please take them to a hospital or police department instead of just abandoning them in an unsafe environment!

Providing the Audio Interview with Lisa, Lillian, and Betsy on the plight of the Feral Children:

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